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"Our Natural Land Restoration focuses on restoring this region's open space to its unique native ecology."

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"Put Your Land in Good Hands"

Conservation Easements by Blue Heron Ministries, Angola, Indiana

Have you ever wished to know what your property might look like fifty or one hundred years from now?  Did you realize that you have an opportunity to determine how your land might be used beyond your lifetime?  

 BHM and Nate Simons can introduce to you a program which will enable you and your family to decide future uses of your undeveloped natural areas or family farmland through Conservation Easements. 
  Get you started in protecting your dreams for your land well into the future.  Email: info@blueheronland.org
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Over 1,300 acres managed

833 acres
of Land  PROTECTED by Blue Heron Ministries

Tour open spaces restored to its natural ecology, Powers Prairie by BHM

 BHM manages over 1,300 acres of land in Lakes Country for private citizens, lakes associations, government organizations, parks departments, and other land trusts. The 2012 project board included fifty-two separate restoration projects.  Cool stuff!


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2012 Achievements & 2013 Challenges by Nate Simons

“It has been our good pleasure to see our fellowship develop at monthly events and to continue enjoying our regular friends
and adding many new friends”

“We have gained financial support from individuals who are learning of the ministry, as well as the continued sponsorship of friends and community members who have supported us throughout the year,“
Nate Simons, Executive Director.

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